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Mississippi New Home Inspectors serving, Brandon, Mississippi,

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 Brandon, Madison, Jackson, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

Mississippi Home Inspector, Inspectors.


 A Wise Inspector Service

 Years of Experience and Thousands of Homes Inspected

 601-540-0144 Scott Adcock 

 License MHIB 0109 NH

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Preparing for an inspection.

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

        Before A Home Inspector Inspects Your House Or Your Listing You Should consider:

  1. Replace all burned out light bulbs so every fixture responds when the switch is turned on. Consider lower watt bulbs in multiple bulb light fixtures. LED bulbs will save you money and will not heat up areas during the summer. Be sure to check closets, over tub & shower, front & back porch, flood lights, garage, garage door operator light, attic and storage room.

  2. Replace air filters in cooling - heating units. Make sure the filter is the correct size so that no unfiltered air is circulating through the system. Dirty filters are the main reason for cooling unit failure. Clean out the return vent area behind the filter, with unit off. Note: A dirty filter is better than no filter.

  3. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. test the smoke detectors to make sure they are responding. Todays building standards calls for smoke detectors in every bedroom and the hallway.

  4. Replace cracked, broken or missing switch plates and plug cover plates. At $2.00  each this minor investment is worth the time to have a much cleaner home inspection report. Tighten up cabinet knobs. Easy and no cost. Tighten up loose door knobs. Have a door that swings closed and will not hold open. Easy fix is remove a hinge pin, take it outside and bend it slightly. Place it back in the hinge.

  5. Clear attic stairway or crawl space entry. A good home inspector will want to inspect the attic and may note a limitation If Attic Is Blocked Off. Save money use a stairway zip up cover. (light bulb in the attic)

  6. Provide Keys For All Areas, such as panel box, attic stairway, fence gates, door to under house and double key dead bolts. Inspectors may charge extra for return trips, one obstacle you can avoid. Alarm Code????? ( note in lock box )

  7. Keep or locate documentation on recent service calls and repairs for things like air conditioning & heat, roof warranty, replaced or repaired power attic ventilators, plumbing ect. Disclose known conditions on disclosure statement. Things are a lot easier to deal with up front than on the back end. Disclosure statement should be available for the home inspector as well as others. The best time to handle an objection is before it comes up.

  8. Consider removing dogs, or cats that may follow inspector into attic or run for the door.

  9. Water, power and gas ( if applicable ) should be on for inspector to properly inspect plumbing, electrical, Air, heat, hot water ect. Expect a limited inspection if water, power or gas is not on. Inspectors are not responsible for turning on utilities.

 10. Clean the ashes out of any wood burning fireplace. A fireplace full of wood and ashes is a limitation to the inspection. Closing the damper to the chimney when not in use can make the home smell better and be less drafty. Clean gutters and downspouts.

   By much slothfulness the building decayeth: And through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through. ECCLESIASTES Chapter 10 Verse 18

   Victor Scott Adcock
   Home Inspector License # MHIB 0109 NH New Home Certified
   Real Estate Salesperson License # S-18185
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A Wise Inspector Service

Years of Experience and Thousands of Homes Inspected


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