A Wise Inspector Service Mississippi New Home Inspector Reporting Property Conditions. Years of Home Inspection Experience and Thousands of Homes Inspected. 601-540-0144 We are New Home Certified.

New Home Inspection 

Jackson, MS Inspectors

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We Inspect New Construction.

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We inspect new homes in Mississippi.

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. 

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Mississippi Home Inspectors serving, Brandon, Mississippi,

Byram, Mississippi,

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We inspect new homes in Mississippi.

Brandon, Madison, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

Mississippi New Home




Home Inspection 

MS Inspectors

Brandon, Madison, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

Mississippi Home Inspector

Quality Home Inspection



Home Inspection 

MS Inspectors

Brandon, Madison, Flowood, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland.

Mississippi Home Inspector

Quality Home Inspection

A Wise Inspector Service

Years of Experience and Thousands of Homes Inspected

601-540-0144 Scott Adcock 

License MHIB 0109 NH

New Home Certified

Why Hire Me For Your Home Inspection?

I create easy to understand reports with color photos and an easy to read summary. A picture is worth a thousands words.

I deliver the report over the Internet to anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

I use Home Gauge inspection software to generate a detailed professional report with a password protected link for viewing.

I can send a detailed copy of your report to anywhere in the world at your request

I specialize in new home construction. We are New Home Certified.

I specialize in gas provisions to help keep you and your family safe. I inspect and light all types of gas logs, fireplace starters and igniters.

My Qualifications

I am a Mississippi Licensed Home Inspector Qualified to inspect New Homes in Mississippi as well as older homes. License # 0109NH

I have over 20 years of experience Inspecting Homes in the State of Mississippi. I have inspected thousands of new Mississippi homes.

I am experienced in working with seller ,buyers, Real Estate sales people, Brokers and builders.

The State of Mississippi has granted me a Real Estate Salesperson license

S-18185 Since 1985. This is very helpful with continued education concerning Real Estate and access to information.

I am a member of the Jackson Association of Realtors and Participate in the Multiple Listing Service with MLS Key access. 

I am a member of the Mississippi Association of Public Fire Safety Educators.

I Like and enjoy my work. New Mississippi Homes Inspector.



   Mississippi Home Inspectors Report Condition. Click on some of the inspection photo's to see more on that subject. These Photo's come from thousands of inspections preformed by a Mississippi Licensed New Home certified Inspector over several years of full time inspecting. This website is full of helpful ideas and information and is not designed to teach home inspection. You will see all types of property condition from correct and incorrect installations to elements that wear out. I would strongly recommend you consult a Licensed Home Inspector to inspect any property, new or old, before completing the transaction. It is also a Great idea to have your home inspected if you have never done so. I invite you to call A Wise Inspector Service LLC at 601-540-0144 to inspect your new Mississippi home Today.



One common cause of roof leakage. In the photo the vinyl or rubber type plumbing vent stack flashing has simply deteriorated from exposure to the elements. Photo by Scott Adcock A Wise Inspector Owner/Inspector

The shiny metal attached to the brick is call a cricket flashing. Most of the have to be custom made by a qualified metal worker with roofing experience. You can see how this diverts the water around the chimney. This is a great example of a preferred installation.

Multiple attic ventilation provisions noted in the photo taken by A Wise Brandon, Mississippi Home inspector. You can see the two wind turbines or sometimes called whirly birds and four other smaller vents that allow heat or in some cases smoke out. You can view more photos of attic ventilation provisions by clicking on the photo of the ventilation shown above.

Forget to Put Insulation? Click Here for more Mississippi inspector photo's. This is a common condition with new homes. Having the right amount of insulation installed correctly is one key to an energy efficient home. A great home inspector should also point out attic safety issues with you. Be present during your inspection if at all possible.

Wow, I wish I would have invented this attic stairway zip up cover. I can see this will save money in energy cost when the attic stairway is located in the house or the heated and cooled area. It would also allow a little taller build up of insulation. We are new home certified inspectors.

Mississippi Home inspector Victor Scott Adcock owner of A Wise Inspector Service Says a clean filter is the life of your heating and cooling system. Inspecting New and existing homes in Mississippi.


























































By much slothfulness the building decayeth: And through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.

ECCLESIASTES Chapter 10 Verse 18


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